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Lulu $4,000

NAME: Little Lue Lue


WEIGHT:57 lbs


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  1. Kevin

    I hope you and yours are doing well and have found a way to party hard thru this covid19 drama. I have had 2 Am Staffs in the past. Now I want a small-micro bully. Forgive my ignorance, but I just started researching this. The rhetoric & commentary suggests that breeders are making 25-35lb micro-pitts. But all I am seeing are regular big pitts…with really short legs, like their belly is on the ground, kinda short legs…and they still weigh 70-85 lbs ?! Is this the real deal about micro pitts…”a regular big pitt with short stumpy legs” ??

    Please help me, even just school me. What’s happening? Are there any truly MICRO pitts…around 20-30 lbs ?

    1. Teon Reeder

      Hey this is Teon with G-Train Bullies! There are a such thing as micro bullies. Any bully that is shorter that 12 inches tall is considered a micro. And yes there are some with great conformation,
      . I’ve seen plenty of micros that weigh 20-30 pounds! We have a few pocket bullies that weigh around 45 pounds here at G-Train Bullies! Call or text us for any more questions 980-279-1188

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