Pocket Bullies, Standard Bullies, & XL Bullies

Welcome to G-Train Bullies! We are a family owned and operated American Bully Kennel located in NORTH Carolina. We breed Pocket, Standard, and XL American Bullies! We strive to produce quality dogs which include health, function, structure, muscle, temperament, and stability. We aim to produce show quality American Bullies who make exceptional pets in a family home. Our yard is based on world renowed Mugleston Pitbulls bloodlines. Mugleston blood is known for producing size, mass, muscle, and head – but also being stable, show quality American Bullies.


Puppies are available to leave no earlier than 8 weeks of age, after they have been vaccinated and health certified by our vet. A deposit must be placed in order to reserve the available puppy of your choice. We will not reserve one of our bully puppies without first receiving this deposit. Crops can be performed on a Bully puppy by our vet at the new owner’s expense; however, cropping is an option and not mandatory. We have the right of refusal of sale to anyone we feel is unfit to own one of our puppies. In order to review G-Train’s policies and contract, please visit our contract here: PUPPY SALES CONTRACT. If you have any questions at all, or if you would like to reserve an available G-Train Bullies puppy, or place a deposit on a current or future breeding, please feel free to CONTACT US.


Our yard is based heavily off of the renowned Mugleston Pitbull bloodline. We feel that this bloodline are one of the very few lines that produce the traits we want in our breeding program. We have put a lot of time and planning into our yard, we strive for perfection with every puppy we produce and sell here at G-Train Bullies. More than anything else we care about quality and health in our program. We aim to deliver a puppy to our customers which meets all of the attributes of the American Bully!

Real AMerican Bullies

Our dogs interact and play amongst each other and with us! We produce stable dogs with excellent temperament and energy levels, yet functional enough to work and be trained for the show ring! Health and Temperament will always be the number one focal point in our program while we also strive to produce overall a beautiful dog!